Spherical cage

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    Spherical steel cage equipped with lockable hatch. The cage features a lifting loop to allow the cage to be suspended.
    This product is made to order according to the customer’s desires. The cage shown has a diameter of 100 cm.

    Material: Metal (Steel)
    Measurements: Diameter 100 cm
    Weight: 30 kg
    Colour: Metal (available painted at an additional cost – a variety of different colours to choose from).
    The product will be shipped within approximately 2–4 weeks of the order being placed. These products are manufactured to order. This means they can be customised on request based on the customer’s wishes. Each product has an identification number.

    Masokisti™ designs and manufactures handmade leather, metal and wooden products for decorative purposes to meet our customers’ desires. Use of the products is at the customer’s own risk.
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