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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. The files contain a small piece of data that the Internet browser can read when you revisit a website.

We use cookies in order to make our website as user-friendly as possible and so that we can provide you with the information and services that are relevant to you. By using cookies, we ensure that you are not required to repeatedly enter the same information every time you visit our website Cookies are also used to optimise the usability of the website. For example, they speed up the process of filling in forms and placing orders and help you to find certain kinds of products and services easier.

Our website also uses cookie technology to optimise advertising and website content. We do not use this data to identify customers but their sole purpose is to help us analyse the use of our website based on indirect data. This technology allows us to produce advertising and/or promote campaigns and services whose content is based on website visitor analytics.

We may also use advertising agencies that help us make our online offering and website even more appealing. For this reason, our partners’ cookies will also be stored on the visitor’s device when they visit our website. These cookies are either temporary or permanent and will be deleted automatically after a set period of time. The cookie data may be related to the products and services you have viewed. Some of our advertising partners also gather information on which websites you have visited previously and on products or services in which you have shown interest. Our advertising partners may produce advertising that matches the customer’s interests as much as possible.

Our website may also use functional cookies with the purpose of making our website content more appealing. These cookies allow us to produce personalised content and/or advertisements for those who have visited our website and are interested in our products and services.

Cookies will not harm the visitor’s device or files. We comply with all existing data protection regulations and use appropriate technical solutions to protect the privacy of our customers who visit our website.

Accepting cookies is not a requirement for using our website. However, if cookies are not accepted, certain functions of the website and services will not work optimally. 


How can I block cookies?

You can change your browser settings in order to block cookies. The menu bar on your browser usually has instructions on how to block new cookies and delete or disable cookies already stored on your device.