Description of file

Description of file under the Sections 10 and 24 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999).


EJR Products Oy
Business ID 2927461-1

Contact person in matters related to the file

Jari Ruotjärvi

+358 40 0740 564

Name of the file

The name of the file is EJR Products Oy’s customer register.

Justification for processing personal data

The person has registered as a customer of EJR Products Oy, purchased a product or service from EJR Products Oy or attended an event organised by EJR Products Oy.

Purpose of processing personal data

The customer’s personal data can be processed by EJR Products Oy for the following purposes: providing customer service and managing customer relationships, developing customer service, invoicing and debt collection, archiving and processing orders, communications, marketing, statistics, developing the controller’s business, customer surveys and other surveys, and other similar purposes. The data can also be used to produce more personal and targeted content on our website. Any personal data is processed in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act.

EJR Products Oy may use partners to maintain its customer and service relationships. Some of the data in the file may be transferred to the servers of EJR Products Oy’s partners due to technical requirements.

Data contained in the file

The file contains the data provided by the customer at registration. The file will also contain any data saved by the customer after his or her registration has been accepted. Compulsory registration data to fill in when placing an order are name, address, postal code, town/city, email address and phone number. In connection to placing orders, data concerning processed orders and order tracking data will also be stored in the file. The customer’s IP address may be stored when placing an order.

Disclosure of information

The data in the customer register will be used solely by EJR Products Oy unless EJR Products Oy uses an external service provider to either generate added value, deliver orders or to assist with credit or payment decisions. However, data will not be disclosed outside EJR Products Oy or be used by its partners, except when required for delivering orders, credit applications, debt collecting or invoicing or when required by law. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union unless necessary to ensure the implementation of technical solutions by EJR Products Oy or its partner.

The personal data of a data subject will be erased from EJR Products Oy’s register at the request of the user unless the erasure is prohibited by law, or there are unpaid invoices or an ongoing debt collection process.

Security of the file

The customer register is strictly confidential, and it is protected against unauthorised access by password.

Rights of the data subject

Customers have the right to access their own data in the personal data file, object to the processing of their data or demand their erasure or rectification by contacting EJR Products Oy’s contact person in matters related to the file.